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Slick animation

Great animation, some sound would have made it perfect.

Pretty entertaining.

It was really good, a lot better then I expected it to be.

I animation was slick, the voice acting was better then anything I could pull off.
The idea was pretty creative, I half-expected it to be a metal gear solid ripoff.
The 3D perspective art was nice, too.

The things I would improve are the pacing, it seemed kind'a slow. And the some of the lines were off. "I'm counting you" I couldn't tell if that was on purpose or not, but the corect line would be "I'm counting on you".

But, yeah I'm nitpicking, Its defiantly above average.


FunkyFresh-Inc responds:

Yeah, the subtitle line was an error. Gracias for your feedback!

Meh . . . just meh

It's not really a bad movie, my first submission was much worse LOL.
Its just that you did the same thing that everyone has done at least once.

The animation was way too . . . naruto-ish . . . as in theres a 1/2 second action, with a 2 second pause. You should put more stuff between the main actions.

The destructible environment was unexpected and quite cool.

The fact that the music looped over and over again was annoying, you should have used a longer song.

Overall great for a first submission, but make it less "meh" next time. :)

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For a maze game, it's OK.

I'll be honest, I didn't get past the first level. But I'll feel that's just me and not the game.

What I did see was decent, not good, not terrible. Just decent Flash work. I actually really enjoy your simplistic art style, if you cleaned it up, took out the few out of place gradients, and made it look a little more professional. it would look brilliant.

Maze games are easy to make, and there a dime a dozen. I personally have no problem if people wish to make them, but I think the games should all do something different and be unique.

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Controls need a little tightening, game runs slow

It feels like the character is on ice skates, and the game runs really slow with seemingly no way of turning down quality :/

Love the music though, makes me want to break out a SNES.

The graphics are all well drawn. Though the actual animation feels weak.
Overall a well made Flash that could have been great with a little extra effort.

dose not seem to work . . . .

Like 4 frame kept looping. I guess it could be an action script error, or my computer . . .

BobBaker92 responds:

Do you have the latest flash player? Also what are your computer specs, thanks.

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Aww, I remember that game, great memories.

Chao-Guy responds:

Mario tasted sour,
Mallow was absolutly delicious!
Luigi (via hack) I think was lime,
Peach was...well, peachy!

Keep it up!


The first thing that I think of is a stealth level.


I love this so freaking much, I'm going to use it in one of my submissions.

SeanSullivan responds:

Do it!

Hi! I don't update very often but I'm still very much into Flash. Currently learning some AS3, pretty decent at AS2. Loves game design and electronica music. Still watches cartoons. May or may not being going to college pretty soon.

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